6 Weeks/42 Days Sober

I Decided to Declare My Home A Sober Space

Last night, I attended what was called a “Citywide” event–put on by Alcoholics Anonymous. A speaker was brought in from Florida. It was held in a huge church auditorium and the place was buzzing! There were signup tables, merch, a massive potluck, and smiles all around! (Confession: I tend to get irrationally and obnoxiously anxious in big crowds–where mingling is encouraged–so I rushed passed the potluck.) I met up with a new friend, who let me know she was looking to sponsor, and we got some good seats.

The message was moving. Abstaining from alcohol can be challenging but not utterly impossible. The speaker mentioned something that really resonated with me. He described that, for him to be an Alcoholic, he thought he had to have a DUI-or several, lose jobs, wives, children and basic human respect. And, since he had not yet experienced any of the aforementioned, he couldn’t possibly be an alcoholic. However, he was drinking to excess every time he chose to partake. Wow. So me. I, too, always felt that I would believe I had a problem if Life ‘became a problem’. During his story, I began to ponder, “Is frequent alcohol consumption like cancer? Where sometimes the detrimental symptoms don’t manifest until one is at the end stages? THAT was a frightening thought! I then reassured myself that I am here. I am present. And I am taking on this challenge to reassess my relationship with this All-American Liquid Past Time.

Driving back from the meeting, I decided to declare my home a ‘Sober Space’. This means: No mind or body altering recreational substances or drinks will be consumed within its walls. Why the declaration? Mostly for me. It felt good to place a living, breathing and proactive declaration over my front door. All who enter must abide; any who seek refuge can find relief. Secondly, one of my young adult sons has moved back home. ( I can hear the collective “Oh’s” now.) 🙂 He took the news well and is 100% on board.

I am grateful. This experience is blossoming. I truly cannot believe I’m here.



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