There Is No Wrong Way To Be Sober

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion as an insanely happy sober human. It is not intended to replace advice from a professional.

Sober is as Sober does. If you are willfully choosing abstinence from mind altering substances–solid, liquid or gas–you are practicing sobriety. Every day that you peacefully, and deliberately, choose not to partake is active sobriety.

During it all, if you find yourself:

  • Missing your old habit(s)–it’s called Normal.
  • Having dreams about your former life–again Normal.
  • Talking about your life before sobriety–totally normal when/where appropriate and safe to share.
  • Wishing you could be perfectly healthy & productive, whilst indulging–well, that’s a pipe dream but fantastically Human and Normal.

None of the above negates your new life choice. None of the above means sobriety is some lucky accident. YOU are taking control of what goes into your body. YOU are changing your entire belief system on what reward and self care truly means. Be proud of yourself!

If AA works for you, stay the course. 

If Spontaneous Sobriety guides your choices, continue to follow that internal voice. Keep educating yourself on healing.

If you are going Sobriety alone–it’s likely you have accomplished many things without reaching out for any kind of assistance or guidance in the past. However, in that drinking is a social and cultural phenomenon, you may find it refreshing to explore community every now and again. 

Abstinence is a bold choice. You’re no longer just a sheep in the herd. You’ve taken to two legs and decided to stand above the status quo. You are choosing your health, in both body and mind. And, you are no longer on auto-pilot to rebel or to reward yourself with anything other than Love.





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