“A Cold On Steroids”

This is how one of my co-workers described COVID-19. Hmmm….I have ZERO recollection, in my 50 years on this planet, of a ‘cold’ killing thousands of people in New York and neighboring cities, in a matter of weeks. EVER. Bodies piling up in freezer trucks? Mass grave sites for the lonely, elderly and forgotten among us? Sure, let’s protest that this death call is a just a common cold–on steroids.

I have also never heard of foreign nations shuttering entire cities because of a bad cold epidemic. Colds don’t kill like this. Most flu seasons don’t kill like this. I’ve never seen doctors and nurses sobbing on social media–their faces creased with hours and hours of gear pressing against their flesh–Over A Cold Virus! WAKE THE HELL UP! There is nothing ‘common’ about what is happening!

If you’re like me, you are among the lucky who, currently, do not have any symptoms. Also like me, you may have not yet sought out testing to see if you are an asymptomatic carrier of this virus. I have chosen to wait in order to not take away resources from those who truly need medical attention. And THAT is the scary part for me. When will I get tested? I’m watching some news and following reputable, social content providers for a cue that makes the most sense for me. Until that time, I’m doing my part to stay away from anyone who may be vulnerable…basically everyone. I only go out when I need to. I stay away from intentional crowds and I stay farther than six feet from everyone when and where possible. And, because I’m not an animal or a political zealot, I WEAR A MASK in crowed spaces.

Currently, I would be posturing in a perpetual face-palm with how cavalierly and callously some people talk and behave with regard to this tragic time in the world…but we’re not allowed to touch our faces! My feelings are hurt (for mankind) when I see uncovered children; when acquaintances roll their eyes when I arrive somewhere in a mask. And, of course, when I hear the news of a colleague losing a loved one to this “cold on steroids”. No words. I surely take nothing for granted during this unprecedented, global horror show. I feel blessed. I feel lucky. I stand by my resolve to do what I know is prudent for my safety and the safety of others.

Trying to stay sane in Austin,


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