So…I’m Waiting Results of A Covid Test

Happy Valentines Day To Me!

Am I scared? Unfortunately, yes.

I didn’t know I was scared until I showed up for my Covid-19 test Saturday morning and Walgreens did not, in fact, have me on file. “What do you mean?” I anxiously asked. “I booked this on your website.” Their response was that there was a power outage and some submissions must have gotten lost. They told me to try again and that there was NOTHING else they could do. I pulled away from the drive-thru and unexpectedly burst into tears. I couldn’t drive and simply stopped and parked in front of the store.

Whoa! Was I really this nervous?

You see, what had happened was…I woke up Friday morning with full blown laryngitis. I work from home and keep an hourly schedule with booked clients. My whole job is talking to these clients during a live and interactive stream. But my voice was toast! Couple that with intermittent Seal barks that my lungs produce as coughs and let the side show begin! So, I called my team Lead and worked to reschedule my entire day. I then met with an “Online Doctor” as my primary care office was closed due to inclement weather. It was awkward as I felt my own neck for ‘lumps’ and said, “Aaahhhh” into my laptop camera per the doctor’s instructions. I described my symptoms of a growing cough, no fever and the obvious, laryngitis. And although most of those symptoms come with garden-variety bronchitis or a cold, they also fall in line with a Covid-19 assessment. So, she recommended a test as soon as possible. I booked the aforementioned appointment, picked up four(4) prescriptions and settled in to begin my weekend convalescence. By that evening, I was encouraged that my symptoms, though uncomfortable, had remained pretty much unchanged. I was looking forward to the Covid-19 test in the morning so that I could know if I’m “okay” or if I’m in “trouble”.

So, when Walgreens had to turn me away, my mind went left and doom quickly overtook me. It was alarming. I’m a fairly stoic person-especially in public. But, as I sat in my car, gasping and trying to hold back tears, a flood of statistics and images of people hooked up to ventilators came flashing forward. My mind raced between telling myself to ‘knock it off’ and ‘oh my god, am I going to be okay’? It felt so foolish to be so distraught when, as I mentioned, my symptoms had not gotten worse. But there I was, having a small meltdown. I wiped away the tears and decided to rebook the appointment before even driving home. I hit send and headed out. After arriving home, I called Walgreens to confirm they had my info. To my shock, I still was NOT in their system! WTFrench, Toast?? The comedy of errors seemed only to justify my mini melt down.

I then decided to download their app and repeat the booking process. FINALLY! Finally, I was confirmed by two, very cryptic, emails. Yes! My Saturday wasn’t a total bust after all. I calmed all the way down and found that I had gained a little energy to do some easy chores. I checked and rechecked the emails to ensure nothing had changed. All looked good. I settled in for the night but was still a little anxious for everything to go right this time.

Which brings us to today, Sunday. Apparently, it’s also Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a partner so…blah, who cares. LOL! I rolled back into the Walgreens drive-thru, confirmed my identity, and was given pretty good testing instructions over that crummy speaker system at every pharmacy window in America (Why are pharmacy sound systems still stuck in the 70’s?) As instructed, I probed my nose to just below the frontal cortex of my brain and swirled the swab. The Pharmacist watched through the window and was saying things like, “Yep, that’s nice and deep. It should hurt a little…now other nostril…”. I packaged up my test and handed everything back. She gave me the wrap up speech and smiled as she reminded me that tomorrow is a national holiday so…my test will likely take an extra day to get back. C’MON KAREN!! (I know it’s not her fault.) I smiled back and said thank you through watering eyes-still steamy from the nasal excavation. Whew! I made it!

Now, it’s just a waiting game. Results will come this Thursday? Most like Friday? I’m up to my ears in water, Gatorade, Ibuprofen, home-cooked meals and my respiratory cocktail. My fears come in waves. One minute I’m engrossed in a true crime documentary, and in the next, my mind wanders to my “situation”. I’m praying for good news, of course. And I’m going to do as much as I can to comfort and distract myself until the results arrive.

Wish me good health!

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