Depp v. Heard

For me, the defamation trial for Johnny Depp was not Hollywood fodder. It was not a spectacle. It was not a distraction. People who choose to reduce a tragic human experience–in this instance the public decimation of one’s character–as some sideshow, most likely need to take a timeout and do some deep self-reflection.

What happened to Mr. Depp has been one of my biggest fears as I raised two young men of my own. When my boys became teenagers and began to date, I had “The Talk”. And I took this time to cover not just sexual responsibility, but also personal responsibility, red flags, hyper-sexuality at a young age, and what mutual consent truly means. I warned them about the legal ramifications if a young lady chose to claim ‘rape or coercion’ instead of dealing with the consequences of her right to explore her sexuality. I warned them because we live in a society with a double standard when it comes to sex for women and teen girls vs sex for men and teen boys.

As to physical violence, it was not a part of our family dynamic. I couldn’t understand people who would ask if I’d ever let my boys “take it outside” to settle a score. It horrified me to think of them hurting each other. Hitting a woman was entirely off the table. I advised them to walk away if the argument got to a boiling point, period. Men are stronger. Men go to jail if it comes down to he said/she said. Women walk even when they are the aggressor. Life is not fair. Keep your hands to yourself.

I tuned into the trial with an open mind. Was Johnny Depp another entertainer who couldn’t keep it together? Did he, in fact, beat his spouse? I needed to hear her testimony. I listened and I watched her body language, and again, I was open. And with 1000% conviction, I believe she is fabricating 99% of her life with, and alleged abuse by, Mr. Depp. The 1% is for the times he probably grabbed her a little too hard when she was flailing at him and for the substance abuse. Living with someone who struggles with addiction is extremely taxing-emotionally and psychologically. But that’s all she gets.

The alleged rape and beating (she fake-cried through) was the nail in the coffin for me. Yes, the ‘story’ was horrific. It was plausible and probably happened to someone, somewhere on this planet–but it did not happen to Amber Heard. When her own attorney asked if she sought medical care for her rape “injuries”, I watched Ms. Heard shrug her shoulders, smirk her face, and shake her head no as if it were no big deal. Her breathing was dismissive and care-free. I was open-mouthed and shocked and instantly knew she was lying. I couldn’t believe anything else that came out of her mouth. She was surrounded by wealth, doctors, nurses, handlers and, most importantly, TIME and OPPORTUNITY to get help. Time and opportunity to get out. Time and opportunity to DOCUMENT every bruise, every cut, every injury-seen and unseen-but she did not do this. She could not document that which never took place.

Amber Heard is that woman who cries ‘rape and domestic violence’ to gain legal leverage over a man. It is a hideous and reprehensible act. It is cruel and swiftly carries out life-altering consequences for the falsely accused. I’m glad Johnny Depp had the resources to take her lies to task. She does not represent domestic violence victims. She does not represent the MeToo movement. She does not speak for all women. She showed the world that she is a confident liar. Lastly and deservedly, she has proven that crying wolf does, in fact, leave you out in the cold.


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