2023: A New Year’s Resolution-And I’m All In

My last resolution was January 2020. I decided to embark on a 365 Day-No Booze Challenge. So yes, I was sober for the first leg of the Pandemic. I made it all the way to August 10th. I drank. I tried to get back on the dry horse, but just had no more resolve. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, however. I enjoyed posting my progress on Instagram. I enjoyed the gasps, as I declined to imbibe, whilst the rest of the world was making Alcohol CEOs billionaires-several times over. I will always be proud of myself for sticking to my January 2020 Resolution for as long as I did. Go Me!

And, although I love the New Year holiday even more than Christmas, 2021 and 2022 were just for me. I guess I was resolved to find more peace and understanding in my life. I picked up the guitar in February 2021. I hired a vocal coach later that Fall. 2022 saw me taking acting classes, continuing my guitar lessons and even dabbling with some piano lessons in the Summer. By the end of last year, I was aching for extended human connection. I knew that I was going to have to do something BIGGER, BOLDER and extremely TERRIFYING in order for opportunities to open up for a more rich social life.

…I was going to have to, intentionally, fully and quite selfishly, take care of ME and MY needs! 2023 Is All About ME!

January 3rd, 2023 I began the process of change. “In Order For Everything To Change, You Have To Change Everything.” ~Ultimately Melissa I wanted to make sure I passed the 21 day mark before committing to writing anything about my decision. And here the hell I am! My first task was to take inventory of all the good in my life. I have a really great list. Anyone would be so proud of all that I’ve accomplished in the last two years–if I say so myself! Ha! And then on those items that do nothing for me, will never serve me, and will only slow down my new found mojo. I was incredibly HONEST with myself. I shocked even me with the truth I allowed to pass through my lips. It was liberating. I laugh-cried. I sighed big and deep. I was ready. Really, truly, scared but on the edge of the cliff kind of ready.

My Resolution? I’ve started Intermittent Fasting with two main goals. 1) Lose weight (shocker, I know). 2) Find my inner warrior (get to know the me that fights for me, loves me and pampers me without question).

Since January 3rd, I’ve made great strides. I’m currently finding my rhythm and flow with this new way of living. Some days are simpler than the next. And even in these first few weeks of change, the physical and mental pay-off has been nothing short of mind-blowing. Though I’m now in my 50s, I have a spring in my step every morning since day 3 of my new regimen. I’m sharper mentally. I laugh from my belly. My skin looks brighter. I have a positive outlook on life?!? What??? LOL! I’m dead serious! Yes, the fasting days help with body weight goals, but the mental and emotional benefits have been a wonderful and unexpected side-effect. The fasting days, my body digs deep and keeps me energized. Sticking to the schedule makes me proud of myself and adds to my growing resolve and determination to see this resolution through to the end of 2023 and beyond.

I’d heard of Intermittent Fasting and figured it to be another diet trend. But throughout December, I decided to research with earnest. I found credible clinicians with science and peer reviewed results. I found out that because Fasting cannot be monetized,(it costs nothing to eat nothing), it will never be a mainstream fad. Fasting is not sexy. Only the ‘crazies’ on the fringe do this kind of tree-hugging natural approach to life. I was sold. I like trees. I like hugging. I’ve been crazy since 1987. Count me in! Don’t get me wrong. Fasting has its moments. You will get spiritual when you want a sandwich but your fasting schedule says not for 6-10 more hours. Physical hunger pains last less than an hour. It’s the mental game after that. I’ve come to love the mental game. That’s when I meet my inner warrior and I’m growing to love her as well.

I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe it’s been more than 21 days. I’m looking forward to what is going to happen when I take care of me like I take care of others. People tell me I’m a great friend. That I’m funny, loving, kind and selfless. Where have I been all my life??? LOL!



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