365 Days: No Booze Challenge

On January 4th, 2020 I decided I would stop drinking alcohol. I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to quit, so I hit up the old webnet to find some answers. I noticed several people were going for an entire year and then talking/writing about it….no, RAVING about it. And so, it was settled. I would not drink for 365 days straight.

Let me share some background…

I am a Vodka girl. I had to break up with Tequila a few years back. That Latin party-girl kept drinking me under the table. I just couldn’t keep up. She loved shots with men-children, bachelorettes, wild co-workers and complete strangers who kept buying rounds. What about Whiskey? Well, Whiskey proved to be above my pay-grade. I always felt like a little kid at the grown-up’s table when attempting to play with the devil’s brown elixir. Wines? We’re not going to talk about Wines except to say, “2006 Newning Ave.”. Lastly, beer. Meh. It’s there. LOL!

So, back to Vodka. She can be dressed up for a mixer, a business meeting or, be dressed down for a backyard BBQ. She’s versatile and accommodating to endless recipes to wow your palate…which can be dangerous. She MUST be given a solid curfew and well-defined boundaries.

So, we’re on a break. A 365 day break. And The Lord is with me. :)) I am nervous but excited. I wonder who I will be and how I will feel when this challenge comes to its end. Fingers crossed! Cabinets emptied!







  hours  minutes  seconds


365 Days No Booze Challenge Is Complete!

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