I’m Melissa and I live and work in beautiful, Austin, TX. I am a self-taught, amateur photographer (which means I have a garden-variety full time job to pay the bills). Now in the 2nd half of life, I only want to shoot subject matter that brings me the most joy–Portraiture. Location is almost a mute point. I can shoot you from the inside of a cardboard box and make magic. Challenging surroundings/Limited space/Only one lens-these kinds of pressures bring out some of my best work because it means all of my focus is on getting “the shot”. Natural lighting is my forte, but I experiment with static and strobe lighting in order to continue expanding my repertoire. I consider myself a life-long student of the artform and I’m always excited to learn something new. My photographic style is outside of the box. If you want or need something basic-please call JC Penny. If you’d like to make a statement, I hope we get to work together soon!


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